Pre-owned, Sokkia DX-205 AC+ 5″ Robotic



Pre-owned, Sokkia DX-205 AC+ 5″ Robotic Total Station

  • 500MB internal memory
  • 3,280-foot reflectorless range
  • Long-range Bluetooth
  • MAGNET Field software
  • Optical plummet and laser pointer
  • Works with RCPR5 remote system

Key DX features include:

  • Superior Auto Pointing Technology
  • MAGNET Field on-board application software
  • Advanced Angle Measurement System
  • RED-Tech advanced reflectorless measurement
  • Long-Range Bluetooth® wireless communication
  • TSshield security, tracking, and remote diagnostic support
  • 5-second accuracy
    • 2 Batteries
    • 1 Dual Charger
    • 1 Carry Case
    • 90 Day Warranty


Includes: Tripod, 8ft Carbon Fiber Rod, ATP1 360 Prism

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Model Collimating-Auto Model Tracking-Auto Type Product
105AC-PS 103AC-PS 102AC-PS 101AC-PS 105A-PS 103A-PS 102A-PS 101A-PS Model
Pointing-Auto / Tracking-Auto
– – – – l l l l Tracking-Auto
l l l l l l l l Collimating-Auto
sec°/20) / C°20 at (sec°/85 speed Tracking-Auto / speed Rotation
(.640ft,1 to 3.4 (500m to 3.1: prism mini 5-Prism.), 960ft,1 to 6.6 (600m to 2: Prism° 360 ATP1S / ATP1 range Working
(.280ft,3 to 3.4 (000m,1 to 3.1: prism one 2-Prism
measurement Angle
“5” / 1″ 1″ / 5.0″ 5″ / 1″ 1″ / 5.0) selectable (resolutions Display
“5” 3″ 2″ 1″ 5″ 3″ 2″ 1) 2001:3-17123 ISO (Accuracy
‘6: ±Range Compensation, Axis Dual compensator axis-Dual
– Provided – Provided technology encoder angle Advanced
measurement Distance
equivalent 1 Class: mode Sheet / Prism, 3R Class: mode Reflectorless 1*output Laser
2*range Measuring
(.640ft,1 to 3.4 (500m to 3.1: prism mini 5-Prism.), 280ft,3 to 3.4 (000m,1 to 3.1: Prism° 360 ATP1S / ATP1 Prism
3 *conditions good under.) 680ft,19 to 3.4 (000m,6 to 3.1: prism one 2-Prism
(.320ft to 3.4 (100m to 3.1: K-RS10N.), 980ft to 3.4 (300m to 3.1: K-RS50N.), 640ft,1 to 3.4 (500m to 3.1: K-RS90N 4*sheet Reflective
3*conditions good under.) 280ft,3 to 1 (000m,1 to 3.0 5*Reflectorless
(2001:4-17123 ISO(
(mm in distance measuring=D(
mm) D x 2ppm + 5.1 (Prism
mm) D x 2ppm + 2 (4*sheet Reflective
6*mm) D x 2ppm + 2 (5 *Reflectorless
management Data and Interface
Field MAGNET / 0.6.CE Embedded® Windows Application / system Operating
LCD color QVGA TFT Transmissive, inch 5.3 Display
(8GB. max (memory flash USB, memory internal 500MB Memory
(B mini / A Type (0.USB2, 232C-RS Serial Interface
7.)*960ft,1 (600m: range Operating,EDR+1.2.Ver, 1 Class Bluetooth modem Bluetooth
laser 3R Class, beam measuring EDM using pointer laser red Coaxial 8*pointer Laser
(.490ft to 3.4 (150m to 3m.1: range Working, LED Red and Green 8*light Guide
IP65) 2001:60529 IEC (protection water and Dust
(122ºF +to 4 (-50ºC +to 20 -temperature Operating
(.5in.H15 x 7.D7 x 1.W9 (H393mm x D196 x W230 handle with Size
(.4lb.15 (0kg.7 tribrach and battery with Weight
supply Power
2Ah.5, 2V.7 battery standard BDC70
9*hours 4. Approx) 20ºC (time Operating

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 in


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