Pre-Owned, Topcon HiPER HR (Network Only) GNSS Receiver


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TOPCON HiPER HR (Network Only Receiver)

  • Long Link Modem Activated
  • Next generation Fence Antenna for superior reception
  • Rugged, waterproof IP67 environmental design
  • Cellular, LongLink and Radio communications all integrated
  • 452 Universal Tracking channels
  • Unique 9-axis TILT™ compensation (With option turned ON)
  • Internal Wi-Fi and multi-spectrum Bluetooth

Small, Light, Versatile

The HiPer HR is the smallest, lightest, and most versatile GNSS receiver available and is loaded with modern technology that you expect, and more! Expanding on the foundation of Universal tracking technology built within, the HiPer HR leverages all GNSS constellations and signals today and tomorrow. The rugged aluminum alloy housing and IP67 waterproof rating allows for use in the harshest environments – fully ready for the outside, and powered from proven technology inside.

Superior Performance

With a built in Topcon-engineered 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) as well as an ultra-compact 3-axis Digital Compass, each combine to deliver a 9-axis MEMS (microelectromechanical system). This advanced 9-axis MEMS delivers time saving Topcon Integrated Leveling Technology (TILTTM). TILTTMfunctionality quickly corrects for mis-leveled field measurements that may be out of plumb by as much as 15 degrees, making easy work of steep slopes and awkward shots.

The new HiPer HR comes standard with LongLink wireless communication as well as an optional integrated cellular modem. In addition, you can choose an integrated Digital UHF radio for longer distances. A further Spread Spectrum FH-915 radio option will be available later as well.

Highly Configurable

Want to take on more tasks with your new HiPer HR? Simply add unique option files to activate additional features. This receiver will work as hard as you do.

Additional information

Hiper HR Tilt Sensor:

Turn Tilt Sensor ON (+$1,000.00), Tilt Sensor OFF


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